Custom Attachments for Mobile Equipment

Parallel Cutter Attachment

Custom concrete saw attachment for tunnel rehabilitation project

Client: Judlau

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Tie Picking Attachment

System that picks 10 ties rotates up to 180 degrees and spaces them 18 – 24 inches apart while placing with excavator

Client: Kiewit CTA Redline

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Material Handling Boom

Quick attach material handling boom with 8,800 lb. capacity for a TL1225 Telehandler

Client: Judlau

Frag Plate Handling Attachment

Design and drawings for custom fork handling attachment

Client: Kiewit

Manufacturer: Job Provided

Soil Cutting, Conditioning & Mixing Machine

Detailed design of ground conditioning excavator attachment, and HPU

Client: Cobalt Construction

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding/WIT

Rail Handling Beam

Design of supply of excavator attached rail handling system which grabs, carries and releases 3 rail sections weighing up to 12,000 lbs

Client: Kiewit

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Facia Panel Handler Attachment

Design and supply of telehandler attachment for placement of concrete facia panels weighing up to 6,200 pounds

Client: Judlau

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Hammer Attachment - Tile Removal

Design and supply attachment for CAT H55 hammer for removing tunnel tile

Client: Judlau

Manufacturer: Wolf Hills

Excavator Lifting Attachment

Design and supply attachment for CAT H55 hammer for removing tunnel tile

Client: Kiewit – Border Fence Project

Manufacturer: American Commercial

Pipe Sweeper Attachment

Designed for use with a John Deere 315 skid steer. The quick hitch interfaces with the skid steer and when plumbed into the implement circuit, it can be driven down a 104.5" ID pipe to remove mill scale and rust

Client: Traylor/Shea – San Vicente

Manufacturer: Superior Sales and Services

Loader Hitch Attachment

Hitch attachment engineered to connect a farm wagon to a Kawsakei 65ZV Loader

Client: Mass Electric

Spreader Beam-Low Profile Precast Picking

Low profile lifting system for 6000 lb. pre-cast concrete panels

Client: Judlau-72nd St. Station

Whaler Handling System

Detailed design of system for lifting, manipulating and installing whalers in TBM launch shaft with limited access

Client: OHL – Staton Island

Hitch Attachment

Custom hitch system design for towing 80,000 lb. trailer with a 966 loader

Client: Kiewit LA

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD