Equipment Modifications

Boom Lifting Eye - CAT 315

Design of custom lifting eye connected to a CAT315 boom

Client: Judlau

Extruder Table Reengineering

Modify plastic bottle extruding table to prevent failure of drive system components

Client: Berry Global

Manufacturer: Kelley Engineered Equipment, LLC

Soil Cutting, Conditioning & Mixing Machine

Detailed design of ground conditioning excavator attachment, and HPU

Client: Cobalt Construction

Manufactured by: Nebraska Welding/WIT

GeoMill Field Shop & Transport System

Design of system that provides ability to transport & maintain Cobalt’s Geomill attachment

Client: Cobalt

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Outrigger Installation

Engineered outrigger kit for Volvo EW55 excavator

Client: Judlau

Trailer Jacking System

Design review and certification of client built jacking system

Client: Crete Carriers

Manufactured by: Nebraska Welding & Crete Carriers

Drill Canopy

Conceptual Design of truck mounted, hydraulically lifted, canopy for protection while roof bolting

Client: Barnard

Precast Panel Handler

Proposed design for installing pre-cast concrete panels in tight places from rail

Client: KISKA

Pintle Hitch Adapter

Adapter design to connect 45Ton pintle hook t a Cat 950 loader

Client: Kiewit - Texas

Manufacturer: Kiewit – Texas Shop

Dredge Modifications

Engineering services provided for Dredge rebuild and modifications

Client: OMG

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Hybrid Tow Bar System

Towbar system with universal joint for connection to owners prime movers

Client: Mass Electric

Manufacturer: Mass Electric

Gravel Washer Assembly

Design of custom equipment supports, foundations, and personnel access for gravel washing system in Ashland, NE

Client: Western Sand & Gravel