Ground Support Placement Systems

Ring Steel Handling Attachment

Design of drive system for installing tunnel steel sets

Client: Kraemer/Obayashi

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Mesh Manipulator Attachment

Quick release attachment carries, rotates, pivots and lifts mesh panels for installation on ribs or roof

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufacturer: American Commercial

Steel Set Handler Attachment

Design and build attachment for installation of custom horseshoe tunnel ring sets

Client: Barnard

Lattice Girder Erector Attachment

Design of steel set handler for lattice girder erection

Client: Guy Atkinson Construction

Cross Passage Tunnel Liner Bracing Installation System

Detailed design of system for transporting and installing cross passage tunnel liner bracing

Client: Granite/Tralor – East Side Access

Fireproofing Panel Installation System

Working with DSI Underground and Rolling Plains to propose fireproofing installation system

Client: Bouygues - Port of Miami Tunnel

Orifice Installation Gantry

Conceptual design of gantry for installing orifice segments

Client: Barnard