Lifting Systems

Skip Box Dumper

Lifts and dumps the standard KEE Skip Box (click link to skip box, call for pricing)

Client: Traylor/Skanska

Manufactured by: Gregory Welding

Raise Borer Head Handling Skid

Lift and transports raise bore machine cutterhead

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Rail Handling Beam

Lift and transports rail assemblies

Client: Kiewit-Shea

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Segment Lifter

Design segment lifting system with 45 Kip capacity

Client: Kenny/Obyashi

Manufacturer: Wolf Hills

Segment Handling System

Conceptual design of segment handler to lower 6 segments down shaft and split up to 2 cars

Client: Kiewit / Shea

Mesh Panel Lifting Device

Securely attaches to mesh panels for safe material handling

Client: Kiewit – Border Fence Project

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Gator Lift

Stows Gators with high rail above trailing gear ramp. Suspended with chain fall on pin retained tube guided lift carriage

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access - CM009

Manufactured by: Nebraska Welding

Transformer Stand Lifting Device

Client: City of Grand Island, Nebraska

Lift Off Muck Box Bridle Beam Assembly

Spreader beam, bridle assemblies and rigging designed for existing 20 yard muck

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Hoisting Platform

8500 pound capacity deck lands on building ledge for offloading materials at various levels

Client: Ledcor

Tie Picking Device

Designed to pick and place 8 precast railroad ties

Client: Kiewit/Reyes

Equipment Lift Car

Lifts equipment up to cross passage, 40,000 pound capacity, 13' lift height, self contained with diesel/hydraulic power pack

Client: Shea/Traylor

Manufactured by: Superior Sales and Services

Rebar Rack

Rack for hoisting and transporting rebar matts

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Shaft Equipment Lifting Provisions

Weld-On track lifting eyes for safely lowering shaft excavation equipment into shaft

Client: Halmar

25 Ton Trolley Beam Installation

25 Ton Trolley Beam Assembly Rock Bolts to roof

Client: Dragados/Judlau - Judlau

Drill Rig Lifting System

Lifting System for 37 ton Drill Rig

Client: Kiewit Infrastructure

Maxon Tub Lifting System

Lifting eye assessment and spreader beam design for picking 12.5 cubic yard Maxon tubs

Client: Maxon Industries

Manufacturer: Maxon Industries

Shorcrete Handling System

System for transporting and delivering shotcrete bags for cross passage tunnel ground support

Client: Traylor Frontier –Kemper, Sound Transit Tunnel, UWS to CHS

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Stairway Lifting System

System for safely handling and lowering stairways into tight spaces

Client: Mass Electric

Manufacturer: Mass Electric

Muck Box Dump System

Muck box bridle system for safely lifting and dumping trunnion type lift off muck boxes

Client: Southland

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Muck Box Bridle Beam System - 60 Ton

Beam and bridle design confirmation, rigging specs as built drawings of existing spreader beam and bridle system

Client: Dragados/Judlau - ESA

Manufacturer: OEM Manufactured and Job Assembled

Wall Rigging System

Rigging system design for removal of wall panels weighting up to 17,000 lbs

Client: Dragados/Judlau - ESA

Manufacturer: Schiavone Shop

Panel Picking System

Custom picking system for 16,000 lb. concrete deck panels

Client: CTA Northline

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Pump Handling System

Conceptual design of tilting bed system for safe tipping of high capacity water pump shafts

Client: Xylem

Tie Picking Device

Tie picking system for picking and placing ties at appropriate spacing

Client: Leed

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

CW Valve Spreader Beam

Custom spreader beam for handling 14,000 lb. CW valve

Client: Nuclear - NPPD

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Sound Panel Handling Attachment

Crane suspended attachment for lifting soundwall panels

Client: Kiewit

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Precast Tipper

System for tipping pre-cast panels

Client: Judlau

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Spreader Beam Mod. - Blue Plains

Spreader beam modification providing capability to lift with muck box bridle

Client: Traylor/Skanska/JayDee

Manufacturer: Traylor’s Evansville Shop

Spreader Beam - 30 Ton

Low profile 30 ton spreader beam design

Client: Barnard/Impregilo/Healy

Manufacturer: Tunnel Electric

Segment Beam

Modifications design for 55 ton segment lifting beam

Client: Blue Plains

Manufacturer: Traylor’s Evansville Shop

Spreader Beam - 35 Ton

Provide Analysis of 35 Ton Spreader Beam

Client: Mining Equipment

Manufacturer: Mining Equipment

Skip Box - 3000 Pound

Design and supply custom 3000 pound skip box for use with 4 ton jib crane

Client: Judlau

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Plate Lifter

Detailed design of 20,000 pound capacity plate lifting system

Client: Damascus

Manufacturer: Damascus

Tie Handling Spreader Beam

Design of supply of excavator attached rail handling system which carries 6 concrete ties weighing up to 5,400 pounds

Client: Kiewit

Manufacturer: Kiewit & Nebraska Welding, LTD

Truss Frame Handling System

Design of lifting system for removing 44,000 pound truss system from truck and lowering down shaft for installation in subway station

Client: Judlau

Lifting Frame Analysis

Provide stamped analysis to confirm that frame is structurally adequate for intended lifts

Client: ACIETA

Manufacturer: ACIETA

Cradle Lift Plan Review

Review, approve and enhance lift plan to confirm clearance, crane load chart, and rigging

Client: Kiewit

Skip Box Assessment

Analysis of existing skip box

Client: Barnard

Precast Curb Lifting Device

System for lifting and placing new pre-cast curbs in tunnel

Client: Judlau

Excavator Lift System

Design drive over lifting beams for tracked excavator

Client: Kenny

Skip Box - 5 Cubic Yard x 10 Ton

Custom skip box with 10 ton and 5 cubic yard capacity

Client: Trumbull

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Lifting Bridle - 44 Ton

Design of lifting bridles for 88 ton muck boxes

Client: Traylor/Skanska/Jay Dee

Locomotive Spreader Beam

Spreader beam for picking up locomotives weighing up to 40 tons

Client: Mining Equipment

Manufacturer: Mining Equipment

Hyperbaric Shuttle Lifting System

Low profile lifting system for Hyperbaric shuttle

Client: Barnard/Impregilo/Healy

Manufacturer: Tunnel Electric

Shaft Work Deck Anchors

Anchor brackets designed to support 22,000 pound shaft work decks

Client: Kiewit Underground – Harlem River Tunnel Project

Segment Ring Lifting Analysis

Analysis of segment ring to determine structural adequacy with choker lift

Client: Traylor/Skanska/JayDee