Mucking Systems

Roll-Over Muck Car Dump

Car indexer positions cars for dumper. Dumper picks cars off the rail and dumps into conveyor hopper. Car mover pushes empty cars up to track 2

Client: McNally/Kiewit - WRTC

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Bottom Dump Muck Boxes

22 Yard Capacity Hydraulic Actuated Bottom Dump

Client: Barnard

Positive Dispacement Muck Pump

Design & supply of muck pump which seals off TBM screw conveyor until muck is forced into pump chamber

Client: SAK

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Muck Car Stacker

Conceptual design & proposal for muck car stacking system which better utilizes shaft space

Client: SAK

Riser Shaft Gantry

Design of system for mucking out 55’ deep riser shaft

Client: Barnard