Personnel Access Systems

Tunnel Fan Line Removal System

Design of kit to improve stability of man lift flat car to provide a safe means of removing tunnel fan line

Client: Traylor Brothers

Manufacturer: Customer Coordinated

Personnel Hoist Review

Design review for existing personnel hoist

Client: Kiewit/Shea

Manufacturer: Schiavone

Scissor Lift Platform

Detailed design and supply of scissor lift car mounted platform for personnel access

Client: Traylor/Frontier-Kemper U220

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Personnel Hoist Cage Guide Wheels

Retrofit guide roller assemblies for existing on site man cage

Client: Kiewit / Shea

Shaft Work Deck Suspension System

Structure spanning shaft suspends wire rope that is used with Tractel hoists and work decks providing access for waterproofing installation

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Shaft Bridge, Walkway & Blast Cover

Detailed design of temporary structures for safe access to work areas while performing shaft excavation

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufactured by: Schiavone Shop

Overhang Removal Platform

Platform providing access for operations on the side of existing bridges

Client: Kiewit/Turner/United

Manufactured by: Job Provided

Shaft Ladder Installation

Ladder installation detailed design

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Rail Car Step Installation

Inserts into flat car tube members and helps provide safe access to flat cars

Client: Mass Electric

Manufactured by: Nebraska Welding

Shaft Stairway and Platform Installation

Stair for access to lower level tunnels

Client: Dragados/Judlau - ESA

Manufactured by: Schiavone Shop

Bridge Crane Maintenance Platform

Counterweighted decks supported by trolley hoists running on runway beams for access and maintenance on bridge crane

Client: Judlau

Manufactured by: Judlau Shop

Shaker Fall Protection System

Design of jib mounted fall protection system for safe access to shaker for maintenance

Client: Central Stand & Gravel

Manufactured by: Nebraska Welding

Drill Platform

Retractable decks providing access for drilling and ring beam erection on 22’ diameter double shield TBM

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Roadheader Boom Access Platform

Sanvik MT 720 mounted platform provides access for scaling and ground support installation

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Fence Access Gantry

Rolling gantry provides access for attaching mesh fence panels to border fence at Texas/Mexico border

Client: Kiewit – Border Fence Project

Manufactured by: American Commercial

Aircraft Lift

Scissor lift system for loading and unloading airplanes

Client: Duncan Aviation

Work Platform

Crane suspended shaft work platform

Client: Trumbull

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Work Platform

Design of suspended shaft work platform

Client: Traylor/Skanska/JayDee

Manufacturer: Traylor’s Evansville Shop

Shaft Platform

Shaft work platform with removable door, crane suspended and anchored configurations

Client: Obayashi

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Shaft Work Deck

Client: MJKM Constructors

Manufacturer: American Commercial

Scissor Lift Work Deck

Scissor lift work platform for installing tunnel utilities

Client: Mining Equipment, LTD

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Tunnel Lift

Design of outrigger installation for Tunnel Lift

Client: Traylor/Skanska/Jay Dee

Manufacturer: Traylor’s Evansville Shop

Dozer Power Step

Powered stairway or platform system for CAT D10R and Komatsu 375A Dozers

Client: Ash Grove

Tandem Scissor Lift Car

6000 pound capacity scissor lift cars with diesel/hydraulic power pack radio remove and cars with brakes. Transports and erects cross passage gantries, lifts equipment and materials onto gantries, and changes out electrical gantry consumable decks

Client: Traylor Frontier –Kemper, Sound Transit Tunnel, UWS to CHS

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Container Hand Rail System

Self contained top of sea container fall protection system provides safe access for storage

Client: Traylor/Shea – San Vicente

Hand-Rail & Step Installation

Non-Conductive handrail and step installation kit for Aero-Lift platform with swing gates allowing catenary lines to pass through

Client: Mass Electric

Federal Quarry Work Deck and Collar Deck

Collar deck and work deck detailed design for shaft sinking project at Illinois Federal Quarry

Client: Guy F Atkinson Co.

Wine Tank Access System

Stairs and catwalk system to access multiple wine fermenting tanks for Sheldrake Winery

Client: Vance Metal Fabricators

Manufactured by: Vance Metal Fabricators