Rail Equipment

Bobcat 2200 UTV Hi-Rail System

Design of pin-on front and rear hi-rail system for Bobcat UTV

Client: Nebraska Public Power

Manufacturer: TBD

Rail Removal Dollies

System engages rail and lifts via air bags, to clear rail in tunnel and temporarily relocate while invert is cleaned

Client: Dragados/Judlau - East Side Access

Manufacturer: American Commercial

Electric Locomotive

Conceptual design and proposal for 100 HP battery powered electric locomotives

Client: McNally Tunneling - Port Mann

Equipment Transporter

Couples to Loci and transports large equipment into 22' diameter tunnel. Side shift and life features provide ability to quickly avoid tunnel obstructions.

Capacity = 140 tons

Side Shift Stroke = 30"

Lift Stroke = 12"

Client: Dragados/Judlau - East Side Access

Manufacturer: American Commercial

Drop Deck Transporter

Capacity = 50,000 lbs.

Deck Length = 20 ft.

Removable gooseneck

Client: Dragados/Judlau - East Side Access

Manufacturer: American Commercial

12 Ton Locomotive Differential Axle

Design of custom axle assembly utilizing standard differential

Client: Mining Equipment, LTD

Manufacturer: Mining Equipment, LTD

25 Ton Locomotive

Chassis and packaging design of custom 25 ton locomotive

Client: Mining Equipment, LTD

Loci Extension/Seat Extension

Design of locomotive extension to provide additional seating

Client: Traylor / Skansksa / Jay Dee

Manufacturer: Traylor Bothers Evansville Shop

Tie Remover

Removes rail ties from existing subway lines. Client designed with engineering peer review, design enhancements, and production drawings provided by Kelley Engineered Equipment, LLC

Client: Kiewit / Reyes

Manufactured by: Kiewit manufacturing resources

High Rail Gator Rescue Vehicles

Gators outfitted with hydraulic actuated high rail. Flat bed installed to transport injured personnel.

Client: Dragados/Judlau - East Side Access - CM009

Manufactured by: Design Services Incorporated

Rail Grinder Positioning System

Design for system positioning grinder for post weld processing of welded rail connections

Client: Superior Sales & Services

Manufactured by: Superior Sales & Services

Spiker Modification

Rail spiker modification for installin spikes in 3rd rail track

Client: Kiewit

Manufactured by: Nebraska Welding, LTD

Skid Steer High Rail

Hydraulically deployed rail wheel system

Client: Nebraska Machinery

Manufactured by: TBD

Car Passer

Conceptual Design and estimate for 24" gauge car passer

Client: Wolf Hills

Manufactured by: TBD

Crusher Transport and Installation System

Plan and custom fixtures for transporting and installing 80 ton crusher

Client: Dragados/Judlau - East Side Access - CM009