High Capacity Mobile Reeler

Self contained reeler with capacity for reels up to 128” diameter x 96” wide x 40,000 pounds. Line pull of 20,000 pounds.

Client: Frontier Kemper

Manufacturer: Frontier-Kemper Shop

Wire Rope Reeler

Self contained reeler with proposed capacity for reels up to 60” drum diameter x 100" flange diameter x 240.75” wide x 240,000 pounds. Line pull of 6,000 pounds.

Client: McNally

Manufacturer: TBD

Mobile Reeler Tension Booster

Provides up to 20,000 pounds of payout resistance, or 20,000 of reeling force for standard KEE mobile reeler (see standard)

Client: Frontier Kemper

Manufacturer: TBD

Mobile Reeler

Mobile reeler capable of being powered by onboard diesel, air motor, or hydraulic implement circuit.

Client: Traylor Brothers

Manufacturer: KEE