TBM Launch & Removal Systems

TBM Re-Launch System

Saddles on dollies and anchorage systems to facilitate loading, transportation and launching of 22’ diameter shielded TBM from one alignment to another

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufactured by: American Commercial

TBM Thrust Anchors

Struts with capacity for 50% of Full thrust for 22’ Diameter open TBM. Contingency plan for Y cavern re-launch

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access – CM009

TBM Partial Disassembly Plan

Contingency plan for removing Double shield TBM through tunnel with ring beams. Includes custom engineered 240 ton capacity low profile dollies

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access – CM009

TBM Backout Plan

Complete plan with detailed design of all material handling components for removing 22’ diameter open TBM from tunnel

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

TBM Launching Frame

Conceptual design of 4000 ton capacity TBM launching system

Client: Traylor/Skanska/Jay-Dee – Blue Plains

TBM Thrust Ring

Detailed design of thrust ring for TBM launch systems

Client: Traylor/Skanska/Jay-Dee

Manufacturer: Traylor Brothers Evansville Shop

Jacking Frame

Preparation of detailed drawings for fabrication of 700,000 lb. structure which reacts 21,000 Kip TBM thrust

Client: DSI Underground

Manufacturer: DSI Underground

Jacking Frame - 42' x 12,000 Kips

Conceptual design of TBM jacking frame

Client: Dragados/Schiavone

Jacking Frame - 10' TBM

Preliminary design to determine budgetary cost for feasibility compared to other options

Client: SAK

TBM Cradle

Final design and drawings for TBM launch cradle and procedure

Client: Kiewit/Shea

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

TBM Walking Shoe

Structure connected to bottom of gripper carrier allows TBM to back out through cross cuts


Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

Manufacturer: American Commercial