TBM Trailing Gear

TBM Rebuild

Teaming with Herrenknecht USA to provide engineering support for 12’ diameter TBM modifications

Detailed Design of the Following Systems:

• Trailing Gear

• Ventilation

• Tow System

Client: McNally/Kiewit WRTC

TBM Ground Support System

Ground support system design for 2 each 10.2m diameter TBMs including:

• Ring beam erector

• Roof bolting system

• Mesh Installation System

• Material handling system

Client: Robbins

TBM Rebuild

Proposal for rebuild of existing Robbins hard rock machine

Client: JayDee/Dillon Fluid Power

Electrical Work Decks

3 car system installed in between existing trailing gear cars provide access for permanent electrical system installation and provisions for delivery and storage of permanent materials

Client: Traylor Frontier –Kemper, Sound Transit Tunnel, UWS to CHS

Manufacturer: Nebraska Welding

Trailing Gear

Trailing gear design for 26’ diameter EPB machine on 1:6 decline

Client: Robbins

Manufacturer: Robbins

SELI TBM Burial Plan

Assistance with planning for retreiving trailing gear decks and grouting the TBM in now that mining is complete

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access

TBM Auxiliary Gripper System

Shoes on invert and arch anchor TBM while mining Y caverns

Client: Dragados/Judlau – East Side Access - CM009